Load Images in device gallery

Anyone know how to load downloaded images in device gallery in ionic 2 or 3?

For ionic 1, i had used this plugin for refresh gallery, https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-refresh-gallery But this plugin available for ionic 1 and i don’t how to use this plugin in ionic 2 or 3.

Please help me on this .


I’ve used the Photo Library plugin before to save images to the gallery and I haven’t noticed any problems even on Android!

Have you tried it with Ionic 2+ already?

i tried Photo Library plugin to save images in gallery but its not working for me. you can check code below:

import { PhotoLibrary } from '@ionic-native/photo-library';

constructor(private photoLibrary: PhotoLibrary)

 dowloadImg(url) {
    this.photoLibrary.saveImage(url, 'OmShiva');

Please help me on this.

Well start by providing some error logs please! Add the then() and catch() block to the function and see what the logs say.

Also, you might need to request authorization for the library before directly writing it!

Thanks a lot @saimon helping out, now it’s working fine.

I have one more questions regarding to set device wallpaper,

  1. Can i set image as device wallpaper in ionic + cordova app?
  2. Is there available any plugins to set device Wallpaper?