Load HTML File Located At File:/// From iFrame Ionic Native Cordova InAppBrowser iOS

I am attempting to load an html file located on an iOS simulator’s file system from within an iframe in the index.html file that the InAppBrowser loads.

I am using Ionic v4, and Cordova / Ionic Native InAppBrowser.

I have an index.html file that I open in the InAppBrowser. Within that index.html file, on InAppBrowser’s ‘loadstop’ event I set the source of the iframe to be the downloaded file located at this.file.dataDirectory (file:///…/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/DF13FBF9-AB1C-43CB-B18F-8DB39329421B/data/Containers/Data/Application/9F97B99F-97E5-4B2A-9650-2BE8D57FD074/Library/NoCloud/…/index.html)

However, this does not load the html and only shows me a blank screen. I have * wildcard set for all my config.xml origins/navigations/intents with the whitelist plugin installed.

How am I able to load this html file that I have downloaded to the default destination within an iFrame within an index.html file in InAppBrowser?