Load external custom component with ion-segment

It is possible to select a external custom-component depends on a click on ionic segment button?

Something like this:

<ion-segment mode="md" [(ngModel)]="sections" color="primary">
      <ion-segment-button value="home">
        {{'Home.home' | translate}}
      <ion-segment-button value="config">
        {{'Home.config' | translate}}
<div [ngSwitch]="sections">
      <custom-component *ngSwitchCase="'home'" [device]="currentDevice"></custom-component>



You can hide and show external components using *ngIf inside ion-segment.

For instance, call all of the components in one place and add *ngIf button to dynamically show and hide them.

I dont know what you meaning with *ngIf “inside” ion-segment

In my example test the custom-component not renders on screen but their component starts