Load Balancer Cookies - iOS

I’m having an issue trying to use sticky session with my load balancer. I’m using Amazon Application Load Balancers, and they are setting a cookie that they use to make sure my application will use a sticky session.

This works correctly in the browser, but when trying to run my application on a device or emulator, it seems as if the cookie is not being set and used on subsequent requests.

I’m using a framework which requires an http(s) request to negotiate a connection, which then switches over to a websocket connection. The initial negotiation request returns with the cookie, but that cookie is not used when trying to make the websocket request.

From using safari dev console to inspect the network requests and comparing to the chrome dev console it seems like android is correctly setting those cookies for web socket requests.

Is this a known bug, has anybody been able to figure out how to get this to work correctly?