Load a page inside another page

Hello guys, how are you doing?
Well I´m working in an application and I tried to used Ionic Tabs to load
more than one page and separate them by tabs. but the problem is:
I would like to emit some signal to the Parent Page to back to the previous page
(which is not the tabs Page anymore).
I tried to use EventEmitter object but it doesn´t work till now.
I hope you guys have done it before and have some idea to fix it.
Thank you all!!!

thanks my friend, I´m going to try it.

Hello man, it worked, but for some reason it stops to work as long as the app keeps opened.
I´m trying to solve this issue. Have you ever had this kind of problem?

that description is way too cryptic for me. I have had no issues with the Event system in Ionic and keeping it alive during the app being opened

Thank´s my friend. You have helped me a lot!
I could fix the problem I had, and everything works fine right now.
Just to let you know, that last problem I was trying to solve was due to
I´ve emit two diferent events in two different pages, but the events had the same name and
they were subscribed in the same service. When I changed their names, it worked fine.
Thank you man

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