'livereload' feature doesn't work? Using Visual Studio 2017 Ionic template

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded the latest version of the Visual Studio 2017 Ionic template, and unfortunately I cannot get the ‘livereload’ feature to work. When I make changes to HTML for example, the change is not reflected in the browser (Chrome Simulate). Refreshing and hard refreshing does not solve this issue. Every time, I’m forced to rebuild the project and start it again. I’ve also found that the old version of the HTML files often show up instead of the new files - even after rebuilding.

Any ideas why this working?

Ciaran Gallagher

Googling for [quote=“ciarangallagher036, post:1, topic:90134”]
Visual Studio 2017 Ionic template
[/quote]turns up multiple options, but none that really match your description of what you can do with yours. Which one are you talking about?

Hi Sujan,

Apologies, here is the template I am referring to: Ionic 2 Templates for Visual Studio 2017.

Microsoft’s ‘Getting Started with Ionic 2’ guide references this template.

Just to update, I deleted the project, and reinstalled the NPM task runner extension from Visual Studio and launched a brand new project based on the Visual Studio template.

When I debug the project, the Chrome window that loads up doesn’t actually seem to have the ‘live reload’ feature working. It seems that Visual Studio opens up a different version of Chrome where I’m not logged in. When I load up the URL on my usual Chrome browser where I have the Ripple extension installed, the ‘live reload’ feature actually seems to work some of the time. Sometimes it just goes to a blank screen after rebuilding though.

UPDATE: It seemed to work once. Now, it just keeps loading up a version of the app that has long since been deleted. Don’t know why it’s still sticking around.
Seems that the browser is opening an older URL for some reason.

Hi, anybody else having the same issue that @ciarangallagher036 does have, or have a solution ?

Because I am also trying to use Visual Studio 2017 Cordova tools with Ionic 2 template and Cordova Simulate feature, I followed the same steps above, removing npm, node js, reinstalling apache cordova tools, and none of them worked. Also, it seems like ionic-serve feature does work in Visual Studio but opens up in full screen, not a good mobile development experience.

Another thing is, I was having the same issue in Visual Studio 2015 Ripple Emulator, however I solved that by running Watch task in npm task runner, but the same fix does not work in Visual Studio 2017.

Can somebody from Ionic team look into this issue in Visual Studio 2017 because this is holding me from developing with latest Visual Studio although it is recommended in Getitng Started page of Ionic ?

Are you talking about the browser? Hit F12 or open dev tools, there you can enable a mobile view.

Yes I was talking about the browser, thanks for pointing that out and I guess that would at least solve the problem for viewing and editing in browser.

I managed to get it working. Please see my StackOverflow thread here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43953687/ionic-2-visual-studio-template-live-reload-does-not-work

Apparently a fix was made to Visual Studio’s tooling, but that update doesn’t appear to have been pushed out, even though it was apparently fixed 5 months ago? What’s up with the Visual Studio support here? It’s apparently non-existent.