LiveReload and iOS devices; known issues?

Are there any known issues with LiveReload and iOS devices ? I’m on iOS 7, Xcode V5.1, Cordova V3.5.0-0.2.7, ios-deploy V1.1.0, and Ionic CLI V1.2.4, and I’m gettng the below “Assertion failed” and “Abort trap” errors.

Update; also posted on [ios-deploy issues][] about it; I’m under the impression that ios-deploy sometimes runs as expected for some people. Would be good to know if anyone here has successfully used LiveReload with this or similar config on an iOS device.


bash$ ionic run ios -l -c -s

Setup Live Reload
Running dev server:


[ 46%] Copying /Users/yea/myapp/platforms/ios/build/device/ to device


Assertion failed: (AMDeviceStartService(device, CFSTR(""), &gdbfd, NULL) == 0), function start_remote_debug_server, file ios-deploy.c, line 792.


------ Debug phase ------
Starting debug of (null) connected through USB...
[  0%] Looking up developer disk image
[ 90%] Mounting developer disk image
[ 95%] Developer disk image already mounted

/Users/yea/myapp/platforms/ios/cordova/run: line 138: 72023 Abort trap: 6           ios-deploy -d -b "$DEVICE_APP_PATH"

There is a problem with phonegap’s ios-deploy with both Xcode 6.0.1 and latest cordova

I’m having a number of issues, mostly that livereload doesnt actually get killed with the ‘q’ command and after running a couple device and emulators, there’s a number of ios-deploy processes running in the background. The immediate problem is that I can’t start a new session but perhaps worst, the app is still being controlled and I don’t know if my saved changes are actually pushed or not…