Live video streaming in ionic

I create an application now in that application I want to add live video streaming feature (like facebook live or instagram live story). So how it is possible in ionic, anybody can help me or guide me.

Anybody help me…??

Not in the 10 minutes you took to post a second time. This is very impolite.

Do you want to stream video FROM your Ionic app or do you want to display a streamed video IN your Ionic app?

I want to implement facebook live like feature in my application for posting the live stories.

Well, if you don’t want to describe how this looks like I won’t be able to help you. I surely won’t start googling for “Facebook Live” until I find how this works. Good luck with your app.

I work on an application in which I gave a community option in that community the users of the application, can chat with each other. Now I want to implement a new feature in this community in which the users can share their live events or broadcasting the live events with their friends, like in facebook live or in Instagram live story we share our live events with our friends and followers.

So you want both sides.

I don’t know any plugins that support that, but “WebRTC” is probably a good search term. This is a plugin that could help, but builds on a paid service:

any better solutions than this
i want some ionic code for this can anyone suggest any code

@Sujan12 I was curious about that subject recently too and I think that I read on stackoverflow that Safari is not yet fully WebRTC ready, not 100% sure but something like this pop into my mind. According the need I would then advice to double check that it works on iOS too i think it was working absolutely fine

u can watch how it works here:

well not convinced, these link weren’t that successful for me…but like I said just something I reckon having read, maybe I’m wrong

have you found the solution for this. Please let me know. thanks

Here is a guide on how to use to build a live streaming app in Ionic.