Live reloading not working after Ctrl + S in GULP


I do not know why those tasks for live reloading just disappear after the last Ionic Update I did. Now I am trying to fix this issue but still wondering why is not working. I am following this guide here and still can not see what is the error I have.

See some part of my gulpfile.js

    var paths = {
      sass: ['/scss/**/*.scss'],
      js: ['www/js/*.js', 'www/js/**/*.js', '!www/js/lib.min.js', '!www/js/code.min.js']

    gulp.task('compress-lib', function() {
    gulp.task('compress-js', function() {
    // JSHint task
    gulp.task('lint', function() {
    gulp.task('sass', function(done) {
        .pipe(sass({onError: function(e) { console.log(e); } }))
        .pipe(autoprefixer('last 2 versions', 'Chrome', 'ios_saf','Android'))
          keepSpecialComments: 0
        .pipe(rename({ extname: '.min.css' }))
        .on('end', done);
    gulp.task('watch', function() {, ['sass']);, ['lint', 'compress-js']);

every time I do ctrl + s on a file, in this case www/js/lines/controller.js, on the console you can see something like:

    [14:41:11] Starting 'lint'...
    [14:41:11] Finished 'lint' after 17 ms
    [14:41:11] Starting 'compress-js'...
    [14:41:11] Finished 'compress-js' after 5.31 ms
    JS changed:   www/js/lines/controller.js
    JS changed:   www/js/code.min.js

which means that there are some tasks working properly, but if I want to see those changes on the view, I have to go to the console and type gulp, do you have an idea why the app is not just reloading after ctrl + s ?


I’m seeing the same issue with my watch task. Sometimes livereload works as expected, but sometimes it takes two saves to get the changes to appear. It seems to be a race condition between ionics livereload and the gulp watch task. Is there any way to get livereload to wait for the gulp tasks to finish?


hm, this also drive me crazy also, I have been cost so much time about the solution, but still not found it. Any body can help?

the livereload only worked sometimes.