Live reload is not working with Ionic serve command

As per the Ionic Guide Chapter 4, ionic serve will start a live reload server, which it does in my case, but reload is not happening.

Is there any pre-req we need to have for this thing to work? Like say live reload chrome extension?

E:\Ionic\myapp>ionic serve
Running dev server: http://localhost:8100
Running live reload server: http://localhost:35729

Hmm, not sure what issue is, I don’t have the live reload plugin for chrome. Are you on windows? Have you checked this out?

@KK123 I suspect it’s because your livereload.js is not getting inserted into your index.html file. This is done via connect-livereload (npm package). Make sure that you have a <body> tag even though it’s not necessary for valid HTML5. Also, make sure that the last tag of your body content does not have any typos. You can verify all of this by using Chrome and looking at the elements, if you see the livereload.js <script> element commented out, that’s the problem.

You could always manually include it as well:

I had exactly the same problem and the culprit was a comment between the closing body and html tags.

Once I removed the comment, live-reload sprung back into life!

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@frijj2k 's comment worked for me!

Can you give an example of what worked. I am facing the same issue but I do not know what needs to be done to get live working again.