List item with two labels, right and left


i need to create a simple Highscore-List.
So I just put two labels into an ion-item like so:

			<ion-item *ngFor="let x of scores">
				<ion-label>{{ }}</ion-label>
				<ion-label>{{ x.score }}</ion-label>

The second label gets displayed in the center of the item. But i’d like to have it at the right.
How can i achieve that?



Does adding the item-right attribute do anything?


ah, sorry, forgot to mention that i tried that already. does not seem to do anything,


So I opted for adding

text-align: right;

on the right label


Just had the look to this, this kind of worked for me

<ion-item *ngFor="let x of scores">
	<ion-label item-left>{{ }}</ion-label>
	<ion-label item-right text-right>{{ x.score }}</ion-label>