Link username/pw with touch id


in my app I want to offer the opportunity to make login over 2 ways:

  1. Login with username and password
  2. Login with touch id.

For the second option I have to link a touch id with a username and password which I want to store in my sql lite storage.
Have anybody has experience with this?

There’s this plugin for that.

However might I suggest a more self-contained approach…

I built something very recently in this manner, but instead of making use of touchId I wrote my own 4-digit capture control. It used that 4-digit code to encrypt (using cryptojs) the login credentials. It was a tidy result in the end, working as should on iOS (old and new) / Android / Web without further dependencies.

If the user clicks ‘CANCEL’ at the bottom it took them to the usual login screen for username/password combo.