Link to a specified slide inside a slide-box


I have a menu with 4 topics, and if you click them, they redirect you to a specific slide of a slide box.
For example:
Topic number 1 link to slide index 1
topic number 2 link to slide index 2, and so on…

How can I do this?

Can somebody help me with this please?

in your anchor tag make following changes

< a href="#" ng-click=“gotoSlide(0)”> Link to Slide 0
< a href="#" ng-click=“gotoSlide(1)”> Link to Slide 0
< a href="#" ng-click=“gotoSlide(2)”> Link to Slide 0

Inside controller write function

$scope.gotoSlide = function(ind)

Don’t forget to inject $ionicSlideBoxDelegate in to controller defination

@baviskarmitesh I can’t figure it out…

In menu page I put < href="#/app/lists" ng-click="gotoSlide($index)">

and then in the menu controller i write the function that you said and inject, but didn´t work…

So in the page lists (page where is my slidebox) I don’t need to use active-slide?

I figure it out…

In the menu I use < href="#/app/lists/{{$index}}" > for the links.

then inthe app.js

.state('app.lists', {
        url: '/lists/:slideID',
        views: {
            'menuContent': {
                templateUrl: 'templates/lists.html',
                controller: 'ListsCtrl'

then in the controller:

$scope.currentSlide= $state.params.slideID;

then in ion-slide-box I added active-slide="currentSlide"

@baviskarmitesh thanks for your help