Link or elements behind the popover is clickable

Hello Everyone,
A new issue I faced while working with ionic popover. If there’s a link behind a popover, this link is clickable from the popover division which creates problem i.e. the background get redirect and your popover is still open.

have you tried using $event.stopPropagation() ?

That stop the propagation through link, I mean if there is some other DOM element behind the popover which should not be clicked, how that can be prevented, there should be a way to make background of popover should not be clickable

Hmm I cannot reproduce. I cannot click on anything behind my popover.

I also faced it when there is a input field behind the popover and when i clicked a particular option in popover, the input field get focused. I am using iPad for testing.

I got the solution, I made scroll=“false” for ion-content in ion-popover-view, after eliminating the scroll=false, the popover is working fine.