License issue while trying to deploy my app


Here are my details:
Windows 10
Gradle 4.7
Ionic 3.20.0
SDK path : C:\Users\Izio\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk

Environment variables :
ANDROID_HOME = C:\Users\Izio\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
PATH = %PATH%;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools\

Screens :

I tried the following :

  • Change gradle version
  • Accept the license with sdkmanager --licenses from the %ANDROID_HOME%/tools/bin path (which worked, I mean, the licenses are accepted now)

I already got this error, and I well installed the Android SDK 26 package from Android Studio

What should I try? :slight_smile:

Licenses finally working but now I got this error…

This is really boring, I’m trying since 1:00PM to get this working …