Leaflet Map Directive in Ionic ...something wrong

Hi ,

Thank again for the very exciting ionicframwork. I am working with ionic since few months… and i want practise more.

I have read the post of Justin Noel about “Leaflet Map Directive in Ionic”

Justin Noel said that « trying to use two tabs with a leaflet directive in each one and as soon as the two maps are rendered in the page… everything seems to lock up.
you can no longer manipulate the map »
i have tried and :
When you toggle to the different tabs, you loose the function zoom in and zoom out.
But if you actualise the page zoom in and zoom out coming back

Somebody can explain this issue ?

Thank so much

Hm, I took the codepen and loaded it in an app and wasn’t able to reproduce it. I could still pinch to zoom and move the map after switch tabs around.

Hum hum… And in your app you have exactly same libraries (ionic.bundle.min.js and the others) ?
Do you find the problem in my codeopen linK : http://codepen.io/calendee/pen/tHGBi

Could you put your fonctional code exemple in now codeopen ?
Thank so much
friendship from France !!

That I did, I actually copied all the code from the codepen and used that for the example, so my code isn’t different from yours.