Lazy load components

Is it possible to lazy load components as it is possible to lazy load modals / pages etc???

once the page loades u cant load inly what u want so the answer is no.
what you can do is make some component show on demand (with binding etc)

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Here is a great example of how to do just that!


Thanks all. Alas this is NOT what I was referring to (seen that vid already) - but I’ll keep asking like every 6 months or so. To me this is little better than just having them all in the main module - and we’ve already moved away from that with pages / modals etc (a GOOD move)…

In Knockout.js you can call a component with no prior knowledge of it as such…

<div data-bind="component: { name: 'name-of-component', params: person }"></div>

It’s a pretty awesome way as you could for example pass in a variable for the component name, but in particular you didn’t need any reference to it whatsoever.

Thanks all the same.