Layout like staggered layout in android


is there any way to organize my cards like google plus?
which is staggered grid layout in android.


Define an ionic grid with one row and 3 columns, then try to put several cards per column.

I google for a while,
and I found masonry is what I want.
thank you~~~

Please post feedback here when you have more experience with it in an Ionic context.

sigh… tried two days but always get a SINGLE column layout…
without ng-repeat is good,
but not working with ng-repeat. every item occupy 100% width ever if I set width=200px

Did you try my suggestion to define an ionic grid with 1 row and 3 columns, splitting your list of cards in 3 lists in you controller?

I find out how to get rid of it

(1) use
(2) don’t use ion-list and ion-item; use div directly…

manually create columns/rows is working well.
the problem is adjusting layout dynamically by masonry.

I found that if I use div, everything is good.
if I use ion-item and ion-list, nothing good.

Is there any working sample code that use ion-list+ion-item+card+ng-repeat+masonry+ion-infinite-scroll?