Laying Out Form Elements


I’ve been playing with the Ionic Framework. I like a lot of the ideas in it. However, I’m having some issues layout out my form elements. I would really like to do the following

[TextBox with a border here]
a tidbit goes here

[TextBox with a border here]
a tidbit goes here.


However, everythng I do involves using a List. The list has all of the lines and such. In reality, the only lines want are the ones around my text boxes. Can someone please show me how to do this with Ionic?

Thank you!

You saw this page, right?

Basically, as a “Framework” there’s the “ionic way” to do it, and to do anything else, you’d have to start messing around with the underlying css to remove lines, etc.

It’s usually best to stick with the default framework form layout ways, as they match the expected user experience for a mobile app…

Good luck!