Kontakt Beacon: Update the beacon the new way thru REST API

Anyone here have used Kontakt Beacon and able to update it the new way (Firmware >= 4.0) using the REST API? I am stuck at the last steps below and it looks like there’s one more thing before the step 3, which is sending that secure config to the beacon and the response is for the step 3. Unfortunately, it’s probably not supported or at least not yet in their REST API. The Kontakt’s technical support said it’s only thru SDK to send that secure config to the beacon.


  1. “/config/create?uniqueId=abc&deviceType=beacon&txPower=2”

    • start by creating the config
  2. “/config/encrypt?uniqueId=abc”

    • get the secure config from response’s “configs[0].config” value, and this is what I send in the response parameter in the 3rd step below.
  3. “/device/update?uniqueId=abc&updated=1489619160440&response=AAMQIgDbyMlY7zruGWl8…”

    • to synchronize state, update the cloud by sending the secure config e.g. . However, the API is throwing Error 500 - Internal Server Error with this exact error code “API_ERROR_1489619164403”.

Just FYI, I just confirmed that there’s one more step between 2 and 3 and it needs the mobile device to push the secure config to the beacon via bluetooth, and the response is what’s needed in step 3. Unfortunately, they don’t have the Cordova Plugin yet to do this.