Kimonolabs: how to scrap web pages and convert them to RSS feed

Good morning folks,

I have a question with the service
I’d like to get a RSS Feed from a web page, in particular a newspaper’s website which doesn’t provide a RSS service for itself. For this purpose I used to work with the Yahoo Pipes service, but unfortunately this tool totally shut down since 30th August 2015.
The process I’m going to use (that is provided by kimonolabs, as they explain, but at the moment I can’t find a way to get a well done RSS feed) is:

  1. First scrap a webpage (the newspaper in question)
  2. Select the item from the webpage: in this step I don’t know what to select in order to grant that every news will be visualize from my API.
  3. Create the API and convert to RSS: I can do this step because it seem to be quite simple :smile:

I would be grateful if someone could help me. I’m just a beginner in using API, so this might be an obvious question for some users, but for me it’s not :angel:
Thanks in advance.


Nobody has any idea? I accept any suggestion, don’t be shy.

Hi, I think you get no answer because your question is about Kimono and not about the Ionic Framework so it’s irrelevant…

Hi @vmust, yeah you may be right. The reason why I asked my question here is that I searched on the web and I found a question about Kimono labs which was successfully answered. You can find what I’m telling to you here --> Kimono labs API request.

However, do you know if kimonolabs has its own forum? Because I looked around for it, but I didn’t find anything. I strongly suspect it doesn’t have one. I would be grateful if you can suggest me where to ask my question :wink:

Thanks anyway.

the best thing you can do is to use third party API like BoilerPipe,its very simple to use…just provide the link you need to scrape and get the result in various format including JSON,plain text or HTML.

Other similar service that i have found is Textise

StackOverflow is the best place to ask this type of questions…

Hope it helps…

Happy Coding