Keyboard pushes content upwards on screen

I am trying to create a login screen. However when selecting the input field, the keyboard pushes the content up on the screen. How can this be solved, as I have had no luck with this for days. I am currently using the latest ionic framework. i have seen that this has been an issue in previous ionic versions, i would have thought that maybe this would be have been addressed for latests version releases…

Any help would be greatful…

Hello, there are several ways to archive this. Try to set the resize mode to ‘none’ in your page:

import { Keyboard, KeyboardResize } from '@capacitor/keyboard';
 ngOnInit() {
  if ('capacitor')) {
      mode: KeyboardResize.None

Or you can add the following to your capacitor.config.ts:

import { CapacitorConfig } from '@capacitor/cli';
import { KeyboardResize, KeyboardStyle } from '@capacitor/keyboard';

const config: CapacitorConfig = {
  plugins: {
    Keyboard: {
      resize: KeyboardResize.None,

export default config;

Run npx cap sync after editing capacitor.config.ts

setResizeMode’ does not exist on type ‘typeof Keyboard’.

Platform after not found. - when running npx cap sync f