Keyboard on android type="number"

Hi just started out witj ionic, i don’t know if this question is ionic realated.

if i have a input element : input type="number"
On the android a get a keyboard without dot (.) or comma (,)

I really need the dot and comma and only numbers

anyone have some suggestions how to do this?

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+1 Same problem here

Try add <input type="number" step="any"> maybe android thinks the step is “1” for integer values.
In other cases you can use text input with regexp for angular validation.

Hi bengtler,
thank you for your reply. Unfortunately step="any" doesn’t work for me.
I decided to use this code now so I don’t need the dot anymore.

If someone has a better solution please let me know

Same problem.
On my phone (S4 Mini) and many other phones (S4 and HTC), the numeric keyboard won’t show a dot.
Native apps don’t have this problem, it’s a limitation due to HTML5 interpreter.

It’s soooo annoying ! I’m quite sure it would be possible to make a plugin using native jave to fix this.

Help !!