Keyboard hides input when opening, how do i use the plugin here?

i have a list inside an ion content with scrollbar y false,

opening the keyboard hides the input,

i tried to show/hide a dummy element with the keyboard height i get from the plugin and scroll the same amount of pixels down, $(window).scrollTop() always returns 0 and so it doesnt work

what else can i do? or is my scrollTop simply wrong?

android btw ionic beta 6 and i guess my layout is somehow broken:

theres a 2nd problem ill also ask here, maybe ill create another thread for that

the ion-content scrollbar element does not scroll properly on my nexus 4, its “too flat”, not the typical touch-scrolling im used to (scroll outside the box, remove the finger and it pans back in place etc) this does work on my mac in chrome dev tools and it does not work with chrome on ubuntu

any ideas for that as well?

Do you have the ionic keyboard plugin added?

yes, the plugin itself does not change any behaviour, right? if so it does not work for me

i can use the two event listeners and i get the correct height of the keyboard if its shown but i cant use those values to hack around input-overlaying keyboard by scrolling keyboardHeightinPX down

jqueries scrollTop always returns 0, id use it to get the current scroll position and add 277 (keyboard height on my n4)