Keyboard hides focused input


I have an issue with the keyboard:
When I tap to start editing an input, the keyboard that appears overlaps the input.
I would like the focused input to scroll on the top, or something like this, so that is visible as soon as the keyboard appears.
Any ideas on this??

This is a plunker that demonstrates the problem , if built in android:


Did you get this sorted?

for ios you can do

.input-cover {
  position: static;

but I need a fix for android.

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I have figured this too.

this.keyboard.onKeyboardShow().subscribe(e => {

console.log('Keyboard height is: ' + e.keyboardHeight);

jQuery('body').animate({ 'marginTop': - e.keyboardHeight + 'px' }, 200);


this.keyboard.onKeyboardHide().subscribe(e => {

jQuery('body').animate({ 'marginTop': 0 + 'px' }, 200);


Although I am just using jquery for convenience :slight_smile: