Keyboard error and Cordova plugins?

I got an issue at where a developer would get the following error: TypeError: Cannot call method ‘transaction’ of null

Adding ionic-plugin-keyboard was reported to solve the problem.

A second user reported the exact same issue and solution, and reported wasting almost a whole day on this problem. I will add a note to the documentation when I get a chance. Do you guys think this may affect any other Cordova plugins?

Unfortunately I am still a real beginner with both Angular and Ionic though I have been able to help troubleshoot a couple other problems in the past. Can you guys think of a root-cause explanation of this problem?

Would it be possible to have Ionic install the ionic-plugin-keyboard by default, and give the user the option to remove it?

Is there anything else we can do beyond documentation notes to help other users avoid this issue?

Should I raise an issue on the Ionic and/or Ionic2 project on Github?

I’m one of the users who reported the issue and the solution of installing ionic-plugin-keyboard. I’m not sure this helps at all but I used Ionic Creator to create the apps pages and styling before beginning the development.