Keyboard closing causes entire page to disappear

I have a form with a textarea using angular-elastic. I can edit the content but when the keyboard closes the entire page disappears about a 1/2 second after the keyboard closes. All the elments on the page are still clickable but you just can’t see them. I can click on the text area again and it re appears for editing but disappears when the keyboard closes.

Anyone seen this behavior before?

Yes i have a similar issue - I have a map view on view one and two link buttons to the about and setup views. In the setup view I have input fields if you enter text, then hit the hardware back button to close the keyboard and then tap on the home button to return to view one with the map the map is obscured. Having tested a number of times the problem only occurs if the keyboard is exited and then the home button selected, selecting home with the keyboard in position view one is maintained.

Im still working on this if I find anything I will try and give a better response, unless anybody else comes back beforehand.

I had the same issue and it disappeared when I removed the styling of .pane. Hope this helps!

I have the exact same issue with a modal I’m showing. As soon as the keyboard slides down, all my controls disappear. This started with > 1.2 (works fine on earlier versions). I’m pretty sure there is a bug that introduced this. If I remove all ng-if / ng-show directives on that form, the controls won’t disappear. Looks like the re-evaluation of those when hiding the keyboard, causes the render to get stuck somehow. Btw: I’m already using the ionic keyboard plugin.

I found a workaround by adding the hide-on-keyboard-open class to any element on the form, things will work again. Since you may not want that on your form, you can also add an empty div with a   in it:

<ion-item class="item-borderless hide-on-keyboard-open">

That does the trick for me (make sure you are using the ionic keyboard plugin).

How is this being opened as a bug in the framework?

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Also had this issue. Your fixed worked. However I believe they fixed this with 1.2.4 or at least some where in between 1.2 and 1.2.4.

I had the same issue. Updating to 1.2.4 fixed the problem.

this solution works for me and my version of ionic is 1.2.1
i only have this problem when i am running the app on my iphone4s

Where do i add the emtpy div or the