Keyboard best practice advice

Hey guys,

I was watching this blog from ionic Keyboard improvements for Ionic Apps - Ionic Blog and enjoyed the smoothness of the textbubbles moving to the right spots when

  • the keyboard shows up

  • the new entered text is displayed.

My current approach is not that smooth.

I had no issues so far that the keyboard would hide my input field (in my case it is a textarea but I guess that should not make any difference). What I am always struggling with is that the input/textarea field should not hide the textbubbles.

I know you guys like code :slight_smile:

But I am really after a best practice not a fix, so bear with me.

My current approach is to always scrolltobottom() when the keyboard comes up and after some text has been added to the textbubble/ chat list.

If I am NOT doing the scrolltobottom, the keyboard ( and the input/textarea) will hide the last messages in the chat and the user will need to scroll down manually.

I have not found any other approach yet (for the last three years) and honestly had given up on that and just envied whatsapp which does not have this issue.

Since seeing this video it brought my hopes up, that I musst do something wrong and there might be a better way. Clearly there is no scrolling down in the video it is rather pushing the new element in the list und pushing the list upwards.

Maybe there is code somewhere to look into for me? some tutorial I missed and you can guide me to?