Keep Up-To-Date Strategy

I would like to adopt a strategy to keep my ionic projects up to date by dedicating time to them at a gentle cadence to avoid finding myself with too much work to do and maybe leaving some projects with different and old versions of ionic (and angular). It can be expensive but having all the projects updated to the same version (even if maybe not the latest) I think it’s the best strategy. So monthly I create the branch “update to vers x.y.z” update and try to solve any problems quickly. Do you have any suggestions or considerations on this?

Keeping apps up to date regularly is a great idea and a monthly cadence seems feasible.

I published thoughts on this quite a while ago (moreso focused on Cordova plugins) but the general idea is to work in a separate branch, make changes to small surface areas so if you do run into issues, you can isolate where the problem is quickly.

In practice, what I do is isolate by Project type, updating just one area at a time:

  • Angular (or whatever Framework you use)
  • Capacitor core
  • Capacitor plugins
  • Other dependencies (could be Rxjs, other 3rd party libraries)

hope that helps!