Keep the background interface enabled when a Ionic Modal view is shown/opened

I’m currently trying to customize a modal view for a webapp I’m
working on.
I’m still new to ionic and I’ve already checked the documentation but I
couldn’t find how I could keep the background interface enabled.

The modal view is used here to display a small form on the bottom of
the screen. Keeping in sight the original UI. What I want to do is to
open and close the modal view using the same button, which is located
outside of the modal view.

Also, I already know how to open or close a modal. The thing is, when you open
a modal. The modal disable everything else. On the gif you can see that
the cursor isn’t changing back to the pointer when the modal is opened.
What I want to do is to disable this behaviour so I can click back on
the very same button to close the modal.

Thanks for the help.