Keep ion-input values after push new page

I have a page contains ion-input fields and other fields , is there a way to keep their values after i use navCtrl.setRoot(newPageName) or navCtrl.push(newPageName) ?

Probably save those values on storage on the event ionWillLeave() of the first page

Very important here what time frame you mean by “keep”. Is this to be used somewhere else in this run of the app, or are they values that you only want preserved for the next time the app is run?

Storage, as suggested by the previous poster, is for many reasons a bad fit for in-app communication, and should only be used for communicating with future app runs. A data-holding service is a better choice for in-app communication.

just like when you use ion-segment , when you select another segment the values you entered in the previous segment still appear in the segment , but i think this can’t be done with pages so i’m gonna use storage ,