JWPlayer with ionic/vue 6

Does anyone have any insight on using JWPlayer with Ionic/Vue 6? In vue / web at my company the way that it was done before me was to create a script element and then set the src attribute to a CDN. Then in our modal if the item has a trailer we use the:
jwplayer('jwplayer).setup({}) method to inject the video into the DOM.
So now Im trying to figure out how I can do this when building a mobile app for the company. They’ve already said that it has to be JWPlayer there is no other option to them. So any resources / guides would be helpful.

Thanks you all so much.

It should work just like you are doing now in your web app. An Ionic app is nothing special, just like any other SPA. Are you running into any sort of issues?

I am using plyr.io to embed YouTube videos which adds an iframe in the DOM without any issues. You shouldn’t have any issues with JWPlayer.

the video just doesn’t load. I don’t get any errors in the console just no video playing.

Can you share a code example of how you are trying to do it?

So I stumbled across this:

and after reading it and adding a base configuration option it does indeed work on the emulators and my iphone.

Interesting. I wonder why they are loading external js files instead of packaging them up with the main installation.

yea that was why I was curious too. I guess the big thing is that if the version number changes i’ll have to update the app. So now debating the best route for that.