Just released : Foodica, an Ionic 3 Theme (Mobile/Tablet/PWA) for Food/Restaurant Apps


Foodica is an IonicFramework 3 Template for mobile/tablet/desktop/PWA apps

Try it out:

App ID : 087a5136
Ionic View App : https://view.ionic.io/
More Info : https://market.ionic.io/themes/foodica

Designed for Mobile, Tablet, & Web

Running one codebase that adapts to every device size (from Iphone5 to Ipad Pro), you don’t have to change configs or run multiple templates per page. Foodica uses ionic’s split-pane, ion-grid, and other ultilites to ensure a consistent experience on every device.

Screen List

  • Login
  • Feed
  • Single Item
  • Cart
  • Confirm Checkout
  • Success
  • Category/Search


  • IonicFramework 3.x
  • Node.js


Documentation is always updated at https://audacitus.com/site/foodica-v2-documentation/

Product Page

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