Jumping out of a slider and returning back

Use case: I have a 3 slide sequence to complete a form. On one of the slides, you need to select a category. If the category doesn’t exist, you can jump out, fill in another form to create it and return to the previous slide.


I thought about a hidden slide and using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(“hidden slide #”). When complete, using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(“previous slide #”). I know the slide numbers. Unfortunately, the pager sees the hidden slide.

Can you put together an example of this? Or something close to what you want?

Instead of trying to hide the slide the way that you descriped. You could use an ng-if instead the use $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update()

I will use the example you provided me on another post.


So this works for you?

I’m using the example provide from another thread. Same logic to hide and show slides.

The pager doesn’t update correctly. Once, a slide has been added it can’t be removed from the pager indicator. The next and previous functions work correctly.

To reproduce, use the above Codepen. After validating a new slide, click validate again, the pager doesn’t change.