jsSIP for ionic?

who knows if ionic let use something that works like jsSIP??

I had used it a few years ago with ionic-v1 and it worked fine (media on chrome), so I suppose it should work with -v2+

thanks :smiley: can you explain me how did you use the jssip library because with angular 2 i dont have any idea how to implement it,i was looking for a library like jssip for angular 2 but i didnt have good luck

Have you tried anything yet? I can post code, but its better if you try first and ask questions when things don’t work. (Hint: It’s as simple as npm install jssip followed by import * as JsSIP from 'jssip' and using regular APIs)

i tried some different now i dont have any problem, i did something like that, i put the library in the assets and include it in the index.html, and in my ts file i only declare it as any, was a headache for something so easy, thanks :smiley:

@pliablepixels, mor12
Do you think it will work in ionic 4?

I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I don’t use Ionic 4.