JSScrolling IOS 10.2+ iPad

We have a hybrid app working through the browser. During app.config(…), we set $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(ionic.Platform.isIOS()) to set scrolling. All appears to work fine until…

When we have a page with a lot of content, obviously, the page is going to scroll. We find that the page won’t scroll, and there ends up being “2 scrollbars” on the page. One of them seems to be the native scrollbar and the other the jsScrolling scrollbar. If you just touch somewhere on the page to scroll, the page won’t scroll. It’s almost like the browser took a screen shot of the page and is moving the image up and down. You won’t see the additional content, but you will see the content already on the screen move.

If I set jsScrolling(false), scrolling will work, but that causes other issues where won’t have a scrollbar to scroll the content and unless you get a piece of the white space between the images we put in there with your finger, you can’t scroll it.

I tried using $ionicConfig.scrolling.jsScrolling(true) for just the pages where we really need jsScrolling, but it doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t seem to do anything. This could be because we have our on a “master page” with a

inside it and we change the view that way.
             <div ui-view></div>
. .

Any help would be appreciated!