Jshint Error on Build Platform with Cordova


Hello everyone,

Anyone knows how to solve that problem? It happens when I try to build any platform, the jshint error.
I’m already execute the follows commands:

npm install jshint
npm install jshint --save

But nothing happens and the problem persists.

Thanks for any help.


Have you tried installing it globally?

npm install -g jshint

If it does not work you could just disable it, after all it’s a hook just to check your js, it’s up to you to run it or not. Just remove hooks\before_prepare\01_jshint.js


Hello Mr. @gmarziou, thank you, I’ve try everything, now I remove and the problem persist, I cant add android platform because of this error, have you anything more for me to do to try to solve this problem?


I can’t understand how the problem could persist after your have removed the jshint hook.
Unfortunately this app is not open source.

Anyway, I only have 2 suggestions:

  • Understand what the hooks\before_prepare\01_jshint.js file does and then fix your environment
  • Contact their support, after all you bought this app

And last, you must know that Windows is not the easiest platform for NodeJS tools.


I appreciate your help, I’ll try figure out here what is the problem… By the way, I’m developing this app, I’m not bought from anyone… thank you for you attention once more!!!


Sorry from your screenshot I thought you were using ionFullApp to start developing your own app.


Holly c… Man, I didn’t saw that… I don’t understand, I have this product here because I’m learn and is good to take a look in their project, but I’m not working with that, I will check it out now… maybe this is the problem… Thank U!!!


So Mr. gmarziou… look that… I’m not in the directory of the project and when I run platform add the system give me information about this project, unbelievable…

After your observation, I was able to solve my problem, like you told before, fix my environment, the problem is that when I start to use this app for learn, I accidentally unpack him on my desktop, and when you saw the project there, I figure that out, so resuming, you save my life hehe… thanks my friend!!!



There are some tools for node to help users to check their environment : yo-doctor and rff-doctor.

I think there should be a cordova-doctor or ionic-doctor to help us. I’m gonna propose it to ionic project.


Just did it:


Nice, I’ll check this out, this tools can avoid headache!!!

By the way, can you tell me if after send my apk to google play, I can, on my project use my style.css outside from my apk? What I mean is, can I put my style.css on my server and make changes on it after my app is published on Google Play? I appreciate you help.


I would not recommend it, it would be a performance issue and would be very visible.
Same things for external scripts or fonts, try to avoid it and embed them in your apk.


Thank you!!! For everything!!! :smile: