JS library inside ionic3 project

Hello, I already posted once a question like this but I had no luck.

What I’m trying to understand is how to import a javascript library inside my ionic3 project.

Since ionic3 use TypeScript, from what I have understood, I need just to write a .d.ts file to describe the javascript library that I’m trying to import.

Is that right?

Does someone have a good website or any kind of reading on how to do that? I tried looking around but I found nothing.

Should I do something more?

I just need a good starting point then I’ll manage to try it on my own :slight_smile:

To be more specific, this is the library I’m talking about


just do npm i in the project dir.

But maybe you amend the stackblitz (fork it) and show how to make it work so it looks nice?


I’m downloading it now and I’ll try to understand it tomorrow morning.

Of course I’ll try to fork it and make a working example out of it!

Also thanks for StackBlitz, I did not knew their service