JS Files in Browser View - Right way?

I have been playing with the starter app and have made some changes and have been testing along the way using the browser constant refresh method (as well as testing to a real device) and I am a bit stuck on what seems to be a very simple thing.

On attaching a new js file (the Parse one as it happens) - I have checked it is called in index.html in the right place (ie: prior to app.js) and its physically in the lib directory and pathed right.

When I do an ‘ionic serve’ I get a console error: “Uncaught ReferenceError: Parse is not defined” and I can not see the actual js file in the dirs for the web server.

This error is in relation to me calling Parse in the app.js file.

Do I need to manually place the js somewhere or am I expecting too much of the web browser build? This stupidly simple issue has stumped me a bit as I am sure I am missing something ridiculously simple.


Actually scratch that - my mistake. Typo in the code.

Apologies for wasting your time.