jQuery is not defined error throws, when i use ionic serve command in ionic 2 webpack


I have created ionic2 sample project using webpack

When i use npm start webpack compiled and sample working fine.

If i call ionic serve command it throws “jQuery is not defined” console error in bundle package.

Anyone help me regarding this issue


Generally speaking, you should not be using jQuery in an Ionic app. Why do you feel the need to do so?


I would like to import my jquery based angular 2 component in ionic 2.

I have installed jquery packages in my project. but it not working


How to use webpack with ionic serve command?

Anyone help me…


What does that mean?


i need to import third party plugin in my project it depends with jquery


What is this mysterious third party plugin? jQuery and Angular are going to fight over the DOM, so it would really be best for you to look for an Angular-compatible version of whatever this thing is.


I have developed component using jquery and it loaded from npm package. When i import my component it not supported in ionic 2


If you’re the one that made it using jQuery, remake it using Angular.


Is not possible to use jquery - npm package in ionic 2?


I don’t know how many different ways I can say this. It’s not impossible, but it’s a worse idea than rewriting whatever this thing is to be used in an Angular environment. I have asked you before what the functionality is, so that maybe people can help you find an existing Angular implementation of something equivalent, but you seem really reluctant to tell us this, so you’re making it much harder for people to try to help you. I, in particular, am done attempting to do so.


Could you please suggest any reference for ionic 2 webpack support,

I am new to webpack concept


This is not about Webpack. This is about using jQuery in a Angular project.

If you have a real Webpack question, open a new topic.