Jquery Ajax Chosen Plugin in Ionic Framework

I have searched and found that there’s no example or sample plugin to integrate the jquery ajax chosen plugin with ionic framework. The problem is this: I am building an internal messaging application where you can send a message to multiple recipients using a select drop down field. The required feature is to be able to type a search term in the drop down form field, it then searches a remote database using an API to pull up a list of possible recipients and then displays the result. When you click any of the results, it automatically adds them to the text field just like an email recipient list .

The jquery ajax chosen plugin solved this out of box. I have found some angular js implementations of the chosen plugin but those samples have loads of css conflict and does not work out of the box with ionic framework.

Has anyone attempted to solve this problem ? Can you suggest a way to go about solving this ?

You need to check angularjs directive of jquery ajax plugins, then you can try.