Josh Morony Creating an Advanced Google Maps is not working

First of all, I had to thank Josh Morony for great tutorials.
since last night I was trying to use this tutorial but the map is not loading.
Any one used it?

It’s over a year old? I don’t even need to open it. Anything that hasn’t been updated in the last few months is suspicious. Maybe he posted something newer later, his book contains similar content, and he keeps that updated.

Josh has very good tutorials but I don’t understand why map is not loading.

what exactly is not working for you?

Everything is looking fine but map is not loading.

maybe this warning about api key is the problem?

regarding these lines without the kes even should work, however, I used the valid key.

        script.src = '' + this.apiKey + '&callback=mapInit';
      } else {
        script.src = '';      

I had the same problem, with ionic serve it was good but on real devices i just saw a white screen.
Something is outdated in it. I decided to switch to the ionic native google maps :slight_smile:

That code even on read device is not working.