Jit_val_0 is not a function on fresh checkout

Hi. I checked out a project on a fresh computer with newly installed npm, ionic, and angular. First error I encountered while trying to ionic serve was localForage was not found. I found that this was an issue with how npm install would install dependencies in a nested fashion rather than a flat structure. So I fixed that by deleting node_modules and running npm install again.

So now I have this error:jit_val_0 is not a function in module.ngfactory.js when running ionic serve. The ionic app page does not load and it gives me this in the browser console. Some kind of compilation error involving Angular? I noticed my cordova plugins were not installed despite being listed in the package.json and config.xml. I manually installed then with ionic cordova plugin add. Didn’t fix this issue though. Any help? Thanks.

Fixed by updating most angular modules to 4.4.4