Jest/Testbed: how to trigger a click on an ion-checkbox?

I am trying to write some UI tests using testbed for a couple of components and I am stuck at this. The regular way to trigger a click seems to not work with ion-checkbox.

this is my view:

      (ionChange)="checkboxOptionChanged($event, 'isActive')"

ionChange just calls a function in my service

  public checkboxOptionChanged(event: CustomEvent<IonCheckbox>, key: keyof GeneralOptions): void {
      [key]: event.detail.checked,

in my Test I get the reference to the HTML object (or the DebugElement) and I trigger a click but it does not call the ionChange event listener.

Does anyone knows how to do it?

As workaround I am just dispatching a custom event:

const myEvent = new CustomEvent('ionChange', {detail: myCheckBoxHTMLElement});

But that seems really easy to break if (for example) I use another event like click or onChanges