Javascript and tsconfig.json

I am creating an app using vue and javascript instead of typescript.
I followed the directions for removing typescript. But now I am receiving the message for tsconfig.json

Cannot find type definition file for ‘webpack-env’.
The file is in the program because:
Entry point of type library ‘webpack-env’ specified in compilerOptions

This looks like a typescript configuration file. What is tsconfig.json used for? Should I delete this file also?

tsconfig.json is the configuration file for TypeScript. If you aren’t using TS, then it should be safe to delete it.

I would highly recommend using TS though :grinning: You’ll thank yourself later…lol. I went back and forth between TS and plain JS when I started my first Ionic project. At first TS was a learning curve but soooooo glad I stuck with it. I pretty much have zero Javascript errors in my app during runtime.