I've problem sync here?

Hi all.
I’m studying the technology and learning alone because I can not find anyone who knows Ionic here in my city.
And now I have this problem with SqlLite return data to a list.
This is my code problem:

self.getList = function() {
var items =[];
console.log(" do before 1 *******");
DBA.query(“SELECT key, name FROM table”).then(function(result) {
items = DBA.getAll(result); // here i stringify
console.log(" do after *******");
console.log(" do after items="+items);
console.log(" do before 2 *******");
console.log(" do before 2 items="+items);
console.log(" ");
return items; // Return nothing

The console show this:
do before 1 *******
do before 2 *******
do before 2 items= // nothing show here

do after *******
do after items=[{“key”:“1”,“name”:“ONE”},{“key”:“2”,“name”:“TWO”}]

If I change the return items; to return [{“key”:“1”,“name”:“ONE”},{“key”:“2”,“name”:“TWO”}]; works fine.

I google this and found .resolve but did not understand how that works.

Any help would be good, because I’m stoped here for days
Thanks in advance.

Unless I did not understand your issue, there’s nothing weird here.
That’s just the way promises work, it’s not only related to SQLite.
Google for ‘JavaScript Promises’.

Yup! You gave me the light!
The correct code is:

self.getList = function() {
var items =;
var q = $q.defer();
DBA.query(“SELECT key, name FROM table”).
items = DBA.getAll(result);
return q.promise;

Thank you.

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