It is possible to use both LazyLoading and DeepLinks?

I like the Lazy Loading but certain modules do not work with it.
eg: Videogular, Dragula ( to my experience )

Is there a way to use lazy loading for some pages and deep links with others?

I have LazyLoading working with the .module.ts files and @IonicPage decorators.
Now I want to load some pages without LazyLoading so that their included modules will work.

Using the following works but Lazy Loaded pages now do not.

      {}, {
        links: [
          { component: HomePage, name: 'HomePage', segment: 'home' },
          { component: UnitPage, name: 'Schedule', segment: 'unit/:id' },

Removing that makes Lazy Loaded pages work but DeepLinked pages do not show the segment id in the url.
I have tried this method: ref:

this.deeplinks.routeWithNavController(this.nav, {
        '/home/': HomePage,
        '/unit/:id': UnitPage,
      }).subscribe((match) => {
          console.log('Successfully matched route', match);
        }, (nomatch) => {
          console.error('Got a deeplink that didn\'t match', nomatch);

This enabled me to utilize Dragula, for example.

But, the url does not display the segment id.

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Push this question it is really relavent.

Yes it’s possible to have both lazyLoading and deeplinks. Remove the 3rd parameter (deeplinksConfig) in your call to IonicModule.forRoot as the IonicPage decorator automatically sets the deeplinksConfig during build.