Issues with alpha53


I have some issues with alpha53

1 Label/Input

      <ion-label floating>Test</ion-label>
      <ion-input type="text" [(ngModel)]="_siteName"></ion-input>

The input is a standard rectangle. What am I doing wrong?

2 item-right

<button ion-item *ngFor="#menu of _menus" (click)="menuSelected(menu)">
  <ion-icon [name]="menu.icon" item-left></ion-icon>
  {{ }}
  <span item-right>
    <button clear>{{ menu.quantity }}</button>

The button does not go to the right of the main button. It is just beside the menu.item. Suggestion?

3 ion-radio

After I changed the way the ion-radio have to work, it does not show the check mark anymore. Was ok with alpha52

  <form [ngFormModel]="_orderByForm">
    <ion-list radio-group ngControl="orderBy">
        <ion-label>Item 1</ion-label>
        <ion-radio value="item1" [checked]="_orderBy=='item1'"></ion-radio>
        <ion-label>Item 2</ion-label>
        <ion-radio value="item2" [checked]="_orderBy=='item2'"></ion-radio>


I’m also having issues with item-right…and now ion-label’s default color is GRAY. I’m going to post an issue on the item-right problem.

There have been some issues reported where the CSS is not building correctly. Can you check your directory structure to see if you have a theme folder like:

β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ theme/                         * App theme files
β”‚   β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ app.core.scss              * App Shared Sass Imports
β”‚   β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ app.ios.scss               * iOS Sass Imports & iOS Variables
β”‚   β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€                * MD Sass Imports & MD Variables
β”‚   β”‚   └── app.variables.scss         * App Shared Sass Variables

If so you need to update your ionic.config file to reflect the following:

sass: {
  src: ['app/theme/app.+(ios|md).scss'],
  dest: 'www/build/css',
  include: [

All of the starters are now updated to reflect this structure & config file.

Also I updated the CHANGELOG with these steps:

A big thanks to @Zeak for working through this issue with me!


Big thanks to all. It is up and running! :slight_smile:

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