Issue with unexpected closing tag

For anyone who has seen my forum post spam, here’s another one.

Anyways, I finally got most of my project running with Rc 3, but now my component crashes straight away by “Unexpected closing tag ion-header” or something. When I have a template like:

    <ion-toolbar [attr.primary]="headerPrimary" [attr.secondary]="headerSecondary" >

What is adding this, and how do I get rid of it?

Unexpected closing tag "ion-toolbar" ("ry]=\"headerSecondary\" >\n        <ion-title>{{'activation' | translate | async}}</ion-title>\n    [ERROR ->]</ion-toolbar>\n</ion-header>\n<ion-content>\n    <loading-indicator *ngIf=\"busy\" [message]=\"messa"): ActivationPage@0:195

I notice that removing the [attr] tags makes it continue and throw the same error at the next tag.

Time to figure out what the hell is going on. Was working a bit ago.