Issue with syncing contacts with server and viewing them quickly

Hello all,
This is my first post here,
I am working on a messenger like application which uses phone numbers to verify the account,
I have a tab at the bottom for contacts as well as a button at the top to start a new chat,
The button at the top will only display the contacts that have the application installed
The contacts tab will view the contacts of the device and match them with the contacts that have installed the application and view an invite button next to the people who do not have the application.
My issue is this:
every time I load the contacts it will match the contacts with the server and view them as explained before, which takes about 10-20 seconds depending on the contacts,
I have solved the issue currently with localstorage and the application reads directly from the stored contacts in the local database, however it takes also 10 seconds+ and added a refresh button at the top which will resync with the server incase new contacts have been installed the app
How can I make the reading faster than the 10 seconds?
is there a way to save the view with the current output that is read from either syncing with the server or from the localstorage?
my perfect scenario would be to click on the contacts tab or the start new chat button and things load with 1-2 seconds.
Any help is greatly appreaciated as I am at the very end of launching my app :slight_smile:
Thank you all